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Democratic primary: Biden eagerly awaited for the first debate between favorites

Washington (AFP) - Long-awaited after several blunders and doubts about his state of form, former US Vice President Joe Biden will share the stage of a debate with progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren for the first time on Thursday, who follows him at the top of the polls for the Democratic primary.

The field has narrowed markedly for this third Democratic debate, with only ten candidates selected - out of the 20 contenders for the White House still in the running - for a three-hour marathon show Thursday night.

Symbol of the different currents which oppose the candidates dreaming of challenging Donald Trump in November 2020, the moderate and big favorite of the polls Joe Biden will be placed in the center of the board, but flanked by Senators Warren and Bernie Sanders, who defend positions much more to the left .

Their exchanges could spark.

For this first opportunity for confrontation, Elizabeth Warren could indeed choose to go on the offensive against the centrist Biden, in clear pole position (29.8% according to the poll average established by RealClearPolitics).

And while they had played the good understanding between progressives during the previous debate, the senator and Bernie Sanders could opt for a different tone now that she has doubled it.

After two successful performances during the first debates, the former Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren, 70, indeed climbed to second place, with 18% of the voting intentions, ahead of the independent senator Bernie Sanders (17.7 %), oldest of the race at 78.

If both are clearly marked on the left, the self-proclaimed socialist is in favor of greater state intervention, while Elizabeth Warren, slayer of the big monopolies, once defined herself as a "capitalist until marrow ", but in favor of better regulation.

Posted Date: 2020-12-23

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