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10 gift ideas for car lovers

1.a piloting course

Does he/she miss a Grand Prix and cherish the Ferrari team? Does he/she dream of “cutting” all the bends? To exceed 130 km/h without the fear of the gendarme? The driving course is, without a doubt, the ideal gift.

Be careful, however, not to put the bodywork before the engine.While most circuits offer courses these are, in reality, only laps of the circuit.But before "turning", you really have to learn to drive - technical difference of driving - with an instructor.If the experience is successful, then consider offering tours in Ferrari.

Circuit des Ecuyers near Château-Thierry, Training with a coach in a Peugeot 208 GT, 1 hour 360 euros, 1/2 day 600 euros, 1 day 900 euros.

Pilotage Passion, on the Jean-Pierre Beltoise circuit in Trappes, from 43 euros for 4 laps

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2.a miniature car

You don't have to play with little cars to love them.Nor to have driven in life-size models - DS 21, Ford Taunus, 4L… - to collect them.Since the 1930s, the British brand Dinky Toys, and its French version Meccano, offer young and old miniatures of trucks, motorcycles, cars and other rolling vehicles (including lawn mowers!) Manufactured with the greatest attention to detail.

Collectors are snapping up vintage models, but you can also buy reproductions made today of vehicles from the 30s to the 60s.The "Dinky Toys Ledger" at Editions Atlas will be a valuable guide.

BMW 1500, at Fnac around 25 euros

Posted Date: 2020-11-22

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